Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this site for?

The Starz Affiliate Technical website is designed to be a resource for content providers. This site contains information on launching and supporting Starz Entertainment, LLC’s linear and OD services, Signal launch requirements and documentation, and an Electronic Launch request form.

How do I contact Starz Affiliate Support?

Please send an email to or call our 24/7 hotline at 888-783-2275.

What is the CALM Act and are your linear services CALM Act certified?

As required by Section 76.607 of Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations, all commercial advertisements embedded in programs carried on Starz’ channels have been processed to be in compliance with the loudness control practices contained in Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) A/85. For more information please see the Starz Calm Act Certification document.

Does all your content have closed captions?

Starz currently offers “pop-up” closed captioning on 100% of all features and programs released in the year 1998 and later. This includes offering Spanish language captioning for our Encore Español channel. For “Library” product (pre 1998), we monitor to ensure at least 75% of all programming is close captioned.

Where do I find notifications or information about service interruptions?

Any current service interruption will be visible on the Home page of this site. Please contact Starz Affiliate Support with any questions you may have.

What services are available in Mpeg4 HD?

The following services are available in Mpeg4 HD.
  • Starz HD East
  • Starz HD West
  • Starz Cinema HD East
  • Starz Comedy HD East
  • Starz Edge HD East
  • Starz inBlack HD East
  • Starz Kids & Family HD East
  • Encore HD East
  • Encore HD West
  • Encore Action HD East
  • Encore Drama HD East
  • IndiePlex HD East
  • Retroplex HD East
At this time, Starz has no immediate plans to launch more HD signals.

When is the Starz Maintenance window?

The Starz Maintenance window occurs on the second Wednesday morning of every month. The scheduled maintenance begins at 4:00am ET and 4:00am PT. Color bars will be present during each scheduled event, but occasionally video will go to black due to testing. Please contact Starz Affiliate Support with any questions.

Do you have an email distribution list for information and technical notifications?

Yes, please email to be added to our Affiliate distribution list.

What types of receiver models are supported by Starz?

Starz recommends and supports the following Motorola receiver models for SD and HD downlink.

  • DSR-4410
  • DSR-4402X
  • DSR-4500X
  • DSR-4520X
  • DSR-4400MD
  • DSR4410MD
  • DSR-4460
  • DSR-4410MD
  • DSR-6050
  • DSR-6300

At this time, Starz cannot support the following receiver models: DSR-6100; DSR-6400 series.If you would like authorization on a different model of Motorola receiver, please contact Starz Affiliate Support @ 888-783-2275,

How do I get your services and what are the requirements?

The Starz, Encore, and Movieplex services are available via direct feed from Starz, or via an Aggregator site, like Vubiquity or HITS. On Demand content is currently available via Vubiquity. Starz requires an active contract and completed launch documentation to launch any and all services. Launch requirements and documentation can be found under the Documents section on this page. For more information please contact Starz Affiliate Support.

Do you provide dual authorization for receiver swap-outs?

Yes, Starz will provide dual signal authorization for a limited time for receiver swap outs. Please coordinate any dual authorization with the Affiliate Support staff. (888) 783-2275.

What is a solar outage and when do they occur?

Sun transit outages occur when the sun crosses the earth's equatorial plane during the spring and fall equinoxes - late February or early March and September or October. At these times, the sun aligns directly behind the satellites for a few minutes each day. The time of occurrence depends both on the geographic location of the downlink and the location of the satellites. When the sun moves directly behind the satellite, it can cause reception interference for a few minutes every day during this occurrence. Degradation of the signal may last for several minutes depending on the antenna size and available link margin, although it is not unusual for the effect to go unnoticed.

To locate specific times for sun transit occurrences or to find out more information please click the link below. Please see the link below to calculate the upcoming solar outages for your location. Starz, Encore, and Movieplex services are available on the following Satellite/Transponder combinations G13/C9, G13/C15, G14/C12, G15/C3 and G15/C13.

Do you provide code downloads for your receivers?

Yes, Starz provides code downloads on our HD satellite/transponders (G13/9 & G13/15). At this time, we broadcast the following firmware on our G13 downlink: DSR-6050 v214e17; DSR-4410MD v232e05.

For more information about specific code versions, please contact Affiliate Support.

Do you have technical information sheets for your services?

Yes, Starz provides tech sheets for each Satellite/Transponder lineup. Please see the Tech Info page for specific information.

Where can I forward subscriber complaints?

Any subscriber complaints pertaining to content schedules or non-technical issues can be forwarded to

Where can I find past announcements?

Past announcements can be found at our All Announcements page.

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